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Wickenburg Az , We servcice Wickenburg Arizona. 623-363-1996 .We are a full service Auto Commercial Residential Safes Locksmith. Click or call for our specials. We are Stoddart's lock and Safe. We aren't based in Wickenburg. The Locksmiths who are located in Wickenburg do a fine job! There are only a couple.  Stoddart's Lock and Safe is based in Surprise AZ. I come to Wickenburg at least once a week sometimes more. I am a full service locksmith. I do Automotive work , Commercial , Residential and Safes. With the help of email and pictures as well as experience I should be able to complete the toughest task at a Very competitive price. Someday I will live in Wickenburg or Morristown ; therefore I have an interest in building up my clientele. I am a masterkey expert and fix old locks. I am a good alternative to someone who doesn't really want to come to Wickenburg. I love Wickenburg !



About Us
Scott Stoddart has 15 Years Experience working with locks , openings, and lockouts. We are a family owned and operated business with a BBB A+ Rating . I am a lock enthusiast. It's not just my job. that's part of the reason that I am willing to work in Wickenburg. If I'm not with my family I want to be locksmithing.


I can handle all of your locksmith related problems , pretty much every locksmithing need. When I get called about 50% of the time it is referral work in Wickenburg. As a locksmith I love a challenge. I am very good with processing locksmith type information over the phone and through email and pictures. If I am in the area I will give a free estimate. If I need to come out just for that I'll have to charge a service call. I do all phases of locksmith work and out of convenience for realtors also do occupancy checks - Exterior only . and Take Pictures.

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I have 15 Years of on the run experience. I attend every class that I have time to attend. My family vacations are to locksmith conventions. I eat and breath this stuff.


If needed please contact for Wickenburg AZ Local References.